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     The ideal of Lamnbro was born when two young entrepreneurs met each other for a very special opportunity. Andy is then a salesman with more than 10 years experience in the industry, was helping his client to find a qualified switch supplier and explored Nick’s products and factory accidently. After having learnt each other for a while, they both felt that it’s a regret not to know each other sooner for their so similar business philosophy-------- ‘’ help first’’. So the very initial ideal of cooperation was emerged and then Lamnbro was officially established shortly thereafter. They want to use their extended experience in the switch&socket industry to help the small and new startup businesses who are struggling to find a qualified OEM manufacturer due to the small purchasing volume. Now Lamnbro is ready to help them to achieve their goals.
     For a long time, Chinese suppliers get used to produce OEM products in big volume with large scale advantage and low labour cost to keep low price, and ignore the design,quality and innovation. However Lamnbro is striving to become a new OEM supplier who are more focusing on design,quality and innovation to increase the added value of product other than low price. Meanwhile, the world has been rapidly changing in the internet age, people demand more and more customized products than universal products. Lamnbro is born under this background,to provde quality customization service in switch&socket industry,to help the small business,to help the customers. This is why Lamnbro is born and what Lamnbro believe in-----help first.
     Carrying this original intention,Lamnbro promises to take ‘’elegance,safety and usability’’ as their product standard and make a small switch&socket not only a electical device, but also a elegant artwork,a safe guard and a life helper.

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