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How restart your business after then pandemic?

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As the corona virus is rampaging across the whole world, the economy and globalization has been immensely damaged. No one could see the bottom of the economy. The market VIX has risen to the peak-point on 13Th March. All signals show people are extremely concerned and worried about the future economy,because people don’t know when the efficient vaccines can be developed successfully. That means the virus can not be completely contained , the social-distancing and lockdown will be lasting without time limit, this will destroy investor’s confidence and worsen the economy to the most.The US Federal Reserve implemented the most loose currency policy ever,try to relieve the impact and damage to the economy caused by the pandemic. But this can only delay or ease this worst economy collapse in the history, can not save it radically. The biggest recession and inflation ever in the history is inevitable. Not only the capital market will be bearish for years long, but also the real economy will be struggling to rebound after the big damage.As a real economy participator,how do we restart our business after the pandemic? Can we still have the same market share after the pandemic? Or can we win more market share when the market demand rebound? Hereby we will analyse the asked questions and give responses as following:


1. How to prepare for the life after pandemic?  Based on the previous big depression experience like 1933 and 2008,the overall economy will recover from bottom gradually in the following years.Market demand will rebound afterward, as the it is always there ,not disappear with the pandemic, only being inhibited by the chaos. When it goes back to normal,the market demand will recover and even increase gradually. So the most important thing for us is to survive the pandemic and get ready for recovery.

1) Firstly,cash flow is very important. Cut the unnecessary spendings and hold enough cash for daily running.You can only dream when you are alive.

2) Secondly,use this standby time to improve your products.You may have little time or momentum to check what you did in the past is right or wrong. Now you have plenty time to think about it and improve it. It is a good opportunity to examine and optimize your product ranges. Cut off the ones which make you lose money and keep the profitable ones and improve them.This will save the total cost and make your company more competitive and win more market share.


2. Can we have the same market share or can we win more market share after the pandemic? My answer is yes if you can launch some explosive new products.After-pandemic market will be definitely reconstituted. Some companies will go bankruptcy and some will reduce their business.It will cost you a lot if you don’t have some new attractive products for new market demands.Use the idle time to research the market carefully and develop some prospective products. This will let you get one step ahead of your competitors.If you have right new products in hand,you can immediately reach the new market demand after reopen.


In summary, pandemic is not just a crisis but a good opportunity.It depends on how you face it and use it.If you see the opportunities from it, then you will be winner.If you just treat it in a negative way, you will only get the negative result.



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